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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are you based?

A: I’m based in Sapri (Campania – Southern Italy), in a beautiful country in the middle of the Cilento National Park.

Q: Do you work only in Southern Italy or are you available also for services out of it?

A: I’m available to shoot services also out of Campania, I usually shoot in every part of Italy and when there is the chance I also shoot all over the world. I love travelling and shooting in new places.

Q: Do you provide also other kind of photo services apart from wedding photo sevices?

A: I also provide engagement and family portrait services. However for other kind of services please contact me, we will discuss it together.

Q: How can we contact you or book you for our wedding?

A: In the section “Contact me!” Of this site you will find all the references to find me, in any case, just send me an email to foto@giovannidesteafano.it and I will answer as soon as possible. If possible, it is better to take an appointment at my studio.

Q: What is your photographic style?

I do not think I have a definite style, I love having fun with the camera and I want to create images that have the ability to excite even after tens of years.
I prefer photographic reportage. The photographer must to tell the wedding day observing it as an external spectator, curious like a childen and almost never intrusive, trying to steal the moments and emotions, blocking them in photos.I want to tell a story and to make it use photo-journalistic techniques that allow me to grasp the spontaneity of events leaving you free to enjoy the day and to stay with your friends and relatives more expensive without undergoing any constraint. Only in this way will I be able to discreetly capture unique and unrepeatable moments
I like sometimes to shoot some particular posed pictures that however will never require a lot of time.

Q: In addition to the photo service we would like to make the video. Do you offer this service?

A: I can provide to the video service by very good videographers with whom I usually work. Even the video will be realized with the same reportage style.

Q: Will you work on your own at our wedding?

A: The reportage style is based on “seize the moment” trying to tell the day as fully as possible: that’s why I always prefer to work with a trusted second photographer so to provide a service with attention to every detail.

Q: We like the reportage style, but we’d love to have also the traditional group photo with our family and friends.

A: The group photo is always carried out at a wedding, of course it would make little sense to publish them on my site or blog, but there are absolutely no problems in realizing them.

Q: Once that the photo service is realized, what are the solutions for my photos?

A: There are several and personalized solutions according to your needs. From a simple DVD with shots of the service (plus a selection of photos processed and optimized), the creation of albums with photos printed (with multiple proposals and personalized solutions) or in the form of digital photobook.
Are you going to photograph our wedding?
Absolutely yes. Giovanni De Stefano photographer is not the classic photo studio that takes more marriages in a day. Every year I accept a limited number of requests to be able to concentrate on each event and make it unique and perfect. Your wedding will be followed entirely by me both for the photographic phase and for the part dedicated to the post production of the images.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Write me all your needs and I will be happy to answer you with a quote.
How long will we have to wait before seeing the photos?
Usuallythe delivery of the service takes place between 2 weeks and 4 months.

Q: Will we be free to print where we want?

A: Absolutely yes, you do not have any contractual obligations with me, you can print wherever you want, because for each service is expected to release all the photographs at the highest resolution.

Q: How many photographs will you take at our wedding?

A: There are no limits to the number of shots taken during a shooting day. The use of digital SLR allows me maximum creativity and continuous research of details, situations and events during the day of your wedding, but always with the utmost discretion.
How many hours can you work during our event?
The day is entirely dedicated to you, and begins with the preparations and ends with the party. I’m not with the watch in my hand, but after about 12 hours of service I start to seriously need to rest …

Q: Do we have to provide for your meals?

A: Yes, the photographer and his collaborators are considered guests as are the guests of your wedding.



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